Gundulićev venac 5, Beograd

About us

O NamaBioDiagnostica laboratory

BioDiagnostica laboratory was established in early 2015 as a family business after years of practical experience. We are located in the Stari Grad municipality in Belgrade, 5 Gundulićev venac Str, near the Botanical Garden. Through continuous development and improvement of the services we provide, we have grown into a laboratory diagnostics center offering services in various fields: hematology, biochemistry, hemostasis, immunochemistry, microbiology including virology and parasitology. All analyses are performed in one place, adhering to the principles of good laboratory practice at every stage of laboratory testing. The extensive experience of our expert team has enabled us to carefully select equipment, methods, and techniques that have been implemented.

HPLC Diagnostics

What makes us stand out is our HPLC diagnostics is the gold standard of clinical diagnostics, which is already widely used worldwide. We have two HPLC systems (Waters), equipped with three different detectors. This has enabled us to determine a variety of laboratory parameters that are precisely detected using HPLC techniques. Most commonly, we determine the exact concentrations of biogenic amines, porphyrins, vitamin D, etc., in appropriate types of samples, which are specific to rare metabolic disorders (porphyrias); of interest for preventive medicine, as well as for malignant diseases (pheochromocytomas, neuroblastomas).

Home Visit Service

Considering that certain patients are unable to come to our laboratory, we have provided a home visit service that comes to your home address upon your request. We pay special attention to the youngest patients and strive to make the experience pleasant for children who use our services, alleviating any fears associated with visiting the laboratory. Since prevention and timely diagnosis are prerequisites for health, we aim to promote health through expert articles that provide useful information and many answers to your questions.


In addition to serving our patients, BioDiagnostica laboratory also provides its services and collaborates with healthcare, scientific, and research institutions across the country. Satisfied patients and business partners give us the strength to persevere in developing our laboratory system and to maintain the quality of service for which we are recognized.
Visit BioDiagnostica laboratory and see for yourself that it is trustworthy laboratory as well. Our experience, extensive laboratory practices, and modern equipment are our best recommendations.